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Re: OpenSSH & Kerberos 5?
On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Peter Losher wrote:

> Has anyone gotten OpenSSH (v1.2) to work with KRB5? I have
> defined Kerberos by typing 'make KERBEROS=YES' and it defaults to
> KerberosIV as such in /usr/ports/security/openssh/:

OpenSSH currently only supports Kerberos v4. sorry. :-(

the Kerberos v5 support that was integrated into the original SSH was
based on my earlier Kerberos v4 patch - but it was implemented using the
same SSH auth protocol message types, so support for the two versions are
currently mutually exclusive. :-(

there may be some magic we can do to auto-detect/negotiate the version of
Kerberos being spoken, but i don't have any spare cycles to work on it
right now. any other Kerberos ppl willing to help?

> If there is a OpenSSH mailing list that this would be better
> served in, let me know (I couldn't find one on the OpenSSH web site).

Damien Miller is hosting one, at least until is transferred to
the OpenSSH project. see