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[solaris 7 patch] resubmit and extended ...
Okay, everything as the first large one I sent today, with a few extra
mods. _PATH_MAILDIR is only used in sshd.c, that I can see, so moved the
#ifdef from to there.

several files had __progname defined in the middle of the code, as well as
at the top of the code, so cleaned those out.

all the fixes for u_int32_t -> uint32_t and u_int16_t -> uint16_t, plus
added appropriate tests to to determine which one to use. If
another OS uses a third method, this is *easily* extended.

fix to bsd-login.c due to ut_host not being part of the utmp struct in
solaris 7

This gets me to the point that OpenSSH under Solaris 7/x86 compiles as far
as ssh-agent ...

I'm stuck right now on a lack of setenv() in solaris 7, but next patch
will be based off of the above, not instead of, unless a pre14 comes out
that includes all this?

Marc G. Fournier
Senior Systems Administrator Acadia University

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Re: [solaris 7 patch] resubmit and extended ... [ In reply to ]
On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

I have merged most of you changes, and included autoconf support
for detecting and automatically defining u_intXX_t.

Can you try out the attached patch to see if it helps.


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