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ANNOUNCE: openssh-1.2pre12
openssh-1.2pre12 is available at


Merged many OpenBSD changes
Cleanup of askpass support
More solaris support
Shadow password support
Build fixes
RPM spec file fixes
RPM init script fixes

Detailed changelog:

- Merged OpenBSD CVS changes:
- [ssh-add.c] change passphrase loop logic and remove ref to
$DISPLAY, ok niels
- Changed to ssh-add.c broke askpass support. Revised it to be a
little more
- Revised autoconf support for enabling/disabling askpass support.
- Merged more OpenBSD CVS changes:
- disconnect if getpeername() fails
- missing xfree(*client)
- disconnect if getpeername() fails
- fix comment: we _do_ disconnect if ip-options are set
- disconnect if getpeername() fails
- move checking of remote port to central place
[auth-rhosts.c] move checking of remote port to central place
[log-server.c] avoid extra fd per sshd, from millert@
[readconf.c] print _all_ bad config-options in ssh(1), too
[readconf.h] print _all_ bad config-options in ssh(1), too
[ssh.c] print _all_ bad config-options in ssh(1), too
[sshconnect.c] disconnect if getpeername() fails
- OpenBSD's changes to sshd.c broke the PAM stuff, re-merged it.
- Various small cleanups to bring diff (against OpenBSD) size down.
- Merged more Solaris compability from Marc G. Fournier
- Wrote autoconf tests for __progname symbol
- RPM spec file fixes from Jim Knoble <>

- Solaris compilation fixes (still imcomplete)

- Build patch from Niels Kristian Bech Jensen <>
- Don't install config files if they already exist
- Fix inclusion of additional preprocessor directives from
- Removed redundant inclusions of config.h
- Added 'Obsoletes' lines to RPM spec file
- Merged OpenBSD CVS changes:
- [bufaux.c] save a view malloc/memcpy/memset/free's, ok niels
- [scp.c] fix overflow reported by off_t
totalsize, ok niels,aaron
- Delay fork (-f option) in ssh until after port forwarded
have been initialised. Patch from Jani Hakala <>
- Added shadow password patch from Thomas Neumann <>
- Added ifdefs to auth-passwd.c to exclude it when PAM is enabled
- Tidied default config file some more
- Revised Redhat initscript to fix bug: sshd (re)start would fail
if executed from inside a ssh login.

Damien Miller