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[Bug 2794] ssh-copy-id should use the same default identity file as ssh

Philip Hands <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Philip Hands <> ---
Sorry for ignoring this bug for so long.

The current behaviour is useful, since one can, for example, create a
.pub file containing the several keys you want installed, some from
other machines such that the private keys are not available, and have
them all be added despite it not being something that ssh would be able
to use becuase it does not have matching private key files.

Of course, now that ssh-copy-id attempts to login to test if keys are
already installed, one now needs to specify -f to make it work with
such a combined id file.

Since you find this unhelpful, you just need to follow the advice in
the man page: touch the file for the key that you want installed, and
it will be chosen as the most recent.


Cheers, Phil.

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