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[Bug 3201] provide an option to use sftp instead of ssh 'exec sh -c …' for installing ssh-keys via ssh-copy-id

--- Comment #6 from Philip Hands <> ---
Sorry for the delay -- I was distracted by Debconf, and it took me a
while to get back to this.

Anyway, thanks for the patch. While testing it noticed that it doesn't
manage to tidy up after itself, because the trap gets replaced, and
while fixing that I noticed a few other minor improvements, which fired
my enthusiasm to the point that I ended up setting up some CI tests for
it, and created a repo. on gitlab to run them.

See here:

Perhaps you could test that to ensure that it works for you (I don't
normally run an sftp server, so it would be nice to confirm that it
works in the real world as well as in my tests).

I suspect that there's a potential issue if something were to prevent
sftp from writing the new file (e.g. a full disk) since it would
presumably succeed in removing the old file and then fail to replace
it. Perhaps one should create a new file and then rename it, but maybe
one could make that fail due to permission problems ... but I guess
that would be fail-safe at least.


Cheers, Phil.

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