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[Bug 3207] New: Match blocks ignored in files processed by Include

Bug ID: 3207
Summary: Match blocks ignored in files processed by Include
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: 8.3p1
Hardware: amd64
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P5
Component: sshd

Setup: main config file with "Include /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf"
line as the first active directive. Create
/etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/test.conf with:

Match Group sftponly
ForceCommand internal-sftp
ChrootDirectory /sftp

Now, assuming a working chroot layout (/sftp owned root:root,
/sftp/home/testuser exists, testuser is in group sftponly and their
home dir is /home/testuser), run:

sshd -C 'user=testuser' -T

The ForceCommand and ChrootDirectory are not applied, both according to
the test output, and in practice. Note that no error is generated.

An inverted approach will chroot all users, thus proving that the
config itself is successfully being loaded:

ChrootDirectory /sftp
Match Group ssh-users
ChrootDirectory none

Observed in Ubuntu 20.04, and unmodified builds of the 8.2p1 and 8.3p1
releases. The man page does not indicate this limitation.

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