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[Bug 3197] New: reset X11 forward timeout

Bug ID: 3197
Summary: reset X11 forward timeout
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: 8.3p1
Hardware: All
OS: All
Status: NEW
Severity: enhancement
Priority: P5
Component: ssh

Use case:
Over the course of a long-running SSH session, a user starts several
X11 programs. When the timeout is enabled, starting any X11 program
after the 20 minute mark fails, and the only option is to disconnect
and reconnect the SSH session. A work-around is to disable the timeout,
but that has security implications.

Provide some way to reset the X11 forwarding, e.g., by having a new ~x
escape that resets the timeout and generates a new xauth cookie. With
the escape in place, the timeout window itself could be much shorter
than 20 minutes, reducing the window of opportunity for an attack.

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