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[Bug 2050] Support XDG basedir specification

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--- Comment #9 from Drew DeVault <> ---
It's about time you stopped dying on this hill, guys.

Here's what would happen if SSH introduced XDG base directory support:
nothing whatsoever, because everyone's ~/.ssh would still be there and
would be picked up as the fallback directory. Tools which provision new
systems by dumping keys into ~/.ssh would continue to work.

What might break is someone deciding to move their SSH directory, at
which point they are perpared for their scripts to break because
they've made the change themselves.

Third-party SSH tools will quickly update, likely within a year, to
support XDG base dirs as well. Give it 2 years to be safe, then update
the default behavior. Hell, read the env from SSH_XDG_* for a start, so
people have to opt-in to making SSH do the right thing.

25 years of using ~/.ssh doesn't make it right, it just makes it
egregiously wrong.

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