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[Bug 3179] New: sshd bind function and IPv6 neighbor discovery

Bug ID: 3179
Summary: sshd bind function and IPv6 neighbor discovery
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: 8.2p1
Hardware: ARM64
OS: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P5
Component: sshd

When I configure a service file in systemd for my /usr/sbin/sshd file,
I write a dependency statement such as

Description=OpenSSH server daemon
Documentation=man:sshd(8) man:sshd_config(5)

However, when I configured some special IPv6 addresses for my network
I restarted the machine and found that the bind function of sshd
failed to
bind such IP addresses. The reason is that when the bind function is
the IPv6 address is not in the neighbor discovery state
and does not take effect completely.

Therefore, I wonder whether the bind function policy in sshd can be
modified accordingly.
For example, the network address status can be detected first.

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