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[Bug 3171] New: Error in time conversion

Bug ID: 3171
Summary: Error in time conversion
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: -current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Status: NEW
Severity: minor
Priority: P5
Component: Miscellaneous

While experimenting with the RekeyLimit option, I ran across a small
bug in the convtime() function. When I entered a time value of '1m30s',
I found that it converted this to 1860 seconds instead of the expected
90 seconds. Entering it as '30s1m' worked fine as a workaround (as
would just entering "90"), but clearly the conversion is incorrect.

The bug appears to be that the convtime() function doesn't reset the
multiplier back to 1 when it sees the 's'. So, whatever the previous
multiplier was (60 in my example) is applied to the number before the
's'. This only works right when a seconds back is specified alone, or

Here's the code in question:

switch (*endp++) {
case '\0':
case 's':
case 'S':
case 'm':
case 'M':
multiplier = MINUTES;
case 'h':
case 'H':
multiplier = HOURS;
case 'd':
case 'D':
multiplier = DAYS;
case 'w':
case 'W':
multiplier = WEEKS;
return -1;

One option would be to have a "multiplier = 1" before the "break" for
's'/'S'. There's also a problem with '1m30', though. So, perhaps the
better fix is to set the multiplier back to 1 inside the while loop,
perhaps right before the switch.

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