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[Bug 3079] New: Tracking bug for 8.2 release

Bug ID: 3079
Summary: Tracking bug for 8.2 release
Product: Portable OpenSSH
Version: -current
Hardware: Other
OS: All
Status: NEW
Keywords: meta
Severity: enhancement
Priority: P5
Component: Miscellaneous
Depends on: 1153, 1164, 1402, 1596, 2158, 2588, 2687, 2846, 2982,

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 1153] DISPLAY should be set form the connected IP, not the
[Bug 1164] scp with spaces username no longer works
[Bug 1402] Support auditing through Linux Audit subsystem
[Bug 1596] Option parser does not permit a double-quote character to
occur in option values
[Bug 2158] Race condition in receiving SIGTERM
[Bug 2588] When no MAC is specified in config the server offers
non-existing hmac-sha2* without openssl
[Bug 2687] Coverity scan fixes
[Bug 2846] PermitOpen rule in sshd_config is not case insensitive
[Bug 2982] gssapi_cleanup: supported mechs should be freed via
[Bug 3032] (Fixable) MIPSPro compilation errors, failing regression
test in test_sshbuf_misc.c & sshd host key loading issues on IRIX 6.5
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