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GPSd bug may cause auth failures next week (10/24/2021)
A bug in the GPS Week Rollover code of GPSd, which apparently isn't quite
as tight as ESR thinks it is, may cause GPD steered clocks and infrastructre
to report incorrect date-data starting on or about 10-24-2021 (presumably) UTC,
and this may bubble up into authentication and security protocols (including
SSL) since they tend to depend on everyone having the same clock these days.

Write a post it note with that date on top, and put it on your cubicle wall,
so that if things get hincky that day, you remember why. Or, y'know, whatever
internal dissemination protocol your organization utilizes. :-)

Replies to -discuss, please.

-- jra

Jay R. Ashworth Baylink
Designer The Things I Think RFC 2100
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