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META: What's fit for the main list
I occasionally catch a little crap -- we've lost some subscribers for it over
8 years or more -- about what I consider a fit topic to announce on this main

It includes outages or major impacts to what some people call "eyeball"
services: things like Twitter, Google, and... Facebook. My primary motivation
there is that people who subscribe to this list may run, at one layer or
another, technical support organizations, and it's useful for them to be
able to broadcast to their operators "Yes, Facebook is down for everyone;
it's not just you; no, we don't know how long it will be down" so they
have that answer for callers, or can put it on a preroll announcement,
or what have you.

But that's not my only motivation.

CWO Ret. Jim Wright, of Stonekettle Station, puts much better than I could
another important reason why it's important to know about such outages --
even though 'sho ip bgp' isn't necessarily going to help *you* fix them --
and, at the risk of a few cuss words (he was a Navy Chief, of course
there will be cuss words) I think you might find it useful to read his
own after action report about yesterday:

Keep thinkin' those good thoughts, networkers, and we're workin' on the
list delay problems.

[. as always, reply-to -discuss, please, not to the main list ]

-- jr '<admin/' a

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