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YouTube API appears to be flagging connections via AT&T cellular as unauthorized
Hello Outages,

Just in case your mobile phone users ask... there may be an issue with YouTube’s API affecting AT&T customers.

Since late yesterday, I started receiving a warning and a Google Captcha while trying to play YouTube videos. Some apps will display the warning, while others will simply display “please watch this on YouTube (link).”

I have tested on cellular vs wifi and checked multiple apps. I only found one other discussion on reddit for the same problem, and I’ve reached the conclusion that AT&T customers have been flagged by YouTube.

The full message is written after my signature. What follows is a “not a robot” check box and a captcha puzzle to solve before video plays. This must be done on EVERY video.

If you are on this list and work at AT&T or Google (or know someone who does), please talk to each other and figure out what happened to the API before it blows up into a Net-Neutrality-style lawsuit based on claims that Google is discriminating against AT&T customers.

Brad Chapman

Warning follows:

Sorry For the Interruption

You are seeing this message because your current network has been identified as using non-authorized applications to access YouTube.
Non-authorized apps can expose you to a number of risks including malware, unauthorized access to your data and excessive battery drain.

Please use the official YouTube Android<>, YouTube iOS<> or YouTube Go<> apps; and consider uninstalling any non-verified apps.

To continue with your YouTube experience, please fill out the form below.

—Sent from my iPhone