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SS7 outages in Northern WI
Starting at about 9:00PM yesterday my company in Eagle River, WI has been
sporadically been losing our SS7 route to the local Frontier tandem
(other routes are stable). The outages last from seconds to 5 minutes
and then the route is restored.

In speaking with a Frontier tech at the tandem they confirmed the issue
is not on their end at the tandem but that they are becoming completely
isolated and losing all SS7 connections during these outages. They feel
it must be a state-wide or at least larger then just Northern WI issue
which is why I'm mentioning this to the list.

I would be interested to know if anyone has more details on any potential
SS7 outages in WI. I've opened a trouble ticket with my SS7 provider
but have not received any information yet.

Thank you,

Nick Paul
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