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CO Outage - New York City
Looks like there's some type of outage at the Verizon West Street CO
(New York City) any one else see anything funny going on? Having
problems making calls outside the CO as well as issues with private
lines. I'm on hold right now, seeing if I can find anything out.

140 West St.
New York, NY

Jayson Navitsky
CO Outage - New York City [ In reply to ]
Service was restored for a bit now it's back down, Verizon has no further
information other than "it's a major problem and we're working on it."

CO Outage - New York City [ In reply to ]
I called Verizon, as we are anxiously awaiting our customers' networks
to come back on-line. They are still working a cross connect issue,
but no estimated time of repair.

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