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IPv6 Filter-based Forwarding on QFX5100
Looking for anyone with real-world experience on this. I've been wanting to do filter-based forwarding (aka policy-based routing) on my QFX 5100 for a while. It works on IPv4, but didn't on IPv6. That means you can't have a firewall rule with a "routing instance" terminating action in v6.

I'd given up on it ever working, but I noticed the docs were updated to say the feature was added for the qfx5100 in 19.1R1:

Well, I happen to be on 20.2R2 so I tried to configure it again and... it still doesn't seem to work.

Anybody out there have FBF for IPv6 working on a qfx5100? Is there any reason it would be listed in 19.1 but not work in 20.2? There wasn't a Feature Explorer entry for this specific feature so I can't find any other info on the exact releases that support it.

Now that it's EOL, I guess I could just jump to 21.2 (the last supported release) and hope for the best...


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