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NCP client licensing
Good morning folks,

Am wondering if anyone has recently gone through licensing process for an SRX with the NCP remote-access license (Eg; SRX-RA1-10 [1])

What I can garner from Juniper documentation, suggests license is included. But there's no documented process (I, or that my Juniper reps can find) that covers connecting the license to the NCP client itself.
However, assorted NCP readmes suggest we either need a subscription for the 'Exclusive Entry Client' (yuck), or deploy using the NCP Secure Entry Client - which at least has a perpetual license option.

Incidentally, I as recently as last week, attended a Juniper webinar that showcased a Juniper branded version of the NCP client. Presenter stated that the client is available for download "After logging in to Juniper website", and "that will change to no login required to download, in a couple of weeks."
When I brought up the question about licensing, they declined to provide an answer.

Has anyone else been down this fairly rocky road already, and could provide some clues?

Thanks in advance.

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