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RIPE NCC to begin allocating from 87/8
Dear Colleagues,

This announcement is being sent to multiple lists. I apologise for

The RIPE NCC received the IPv4 address range -
(85/8, 86/7 and 88/8) from the IANA in April 2004.

We began making allocation from 85/8 in August 2004 and from 86/8 in
March, this year. We expect to start making allocations from 87/8 in
the next few weeks.

We have been announcing two prefixes from 87/8: and, which originated in AS12654. These announcements have
now been withdrawn as we will start to allocate from this /8. We are
currently announcing two prefixes from 88/8, from which we will
allocate in a few months. Those announcements are: and, originating in AS12654.

Details of the BGP announcements, reachability tools and other
information are available on our web site at:

You may want to update any filters you have in place.

Kind regards,

leo vegoda
Registration Services Manager