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IANA IPv4 allocations and bogon update - IPV4 Pool Exhausted
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Greetings Everyone,

The Team Cymru bogon projects have been updated as of 03 FEB 2011.

103/8 APNIC 2011-02 ALLOCATED
104/8 ARIN 2011-02 ALLOCATED
179/8 LACNIC 2011-02 ALLOCATED
185/8 RIPE 2011-02 ALLOCATED

As of this morning, the IANA IPv4 free pool, the reserve of unicast IPv4
netblocks held for allocation to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), is 100% exhausted.
When two /8s ( 39/8 & 106/8 ) were allocated to APNIC earlier this week, the automatic allocation of the
final five /8s was triggered, one to each RIR. Our Bogon Reference project has been updated
to reflect the current state of IPv4 allocations from the IANA pool. Each RIR continues to
hold considerable IPv4 space, and they are expected to continue allocating to ISPs under
normal policies for the next few months, depending upon demand at each registry.

IANA allocations have changed over time, so please check regularly to ensure you have
the latest filters if you are not using the bogon BGP feed(s). We do announce
updates to the bogon projects to sundry lists, such as the bogon-announce list.
We can not stress this point strongly enough - these allocations change. If you
do not adjust your filters, you will be unable to access perhaps large portions
of the Internet. Worse yet, you may end up blocking access for people who
transit through you.

Please do not apply any filters or blocks to your network without carefully
considering the ramifications of doing so.

As a point of reference, the Team Cymru master Bogon Reference Page can be found

Make sure you check out our fullbogons feed as well, available in ipv4 and ipv6.

Please feel free to contact the Team Cymru NOC at with any comments,
questions, or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.

Team Cymru NOC

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