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Forcing SAS Speed

I have a small issue on a Stretched MC where the distance between the two sites are just on the limits, we are currently using 12G SAS (MiniSAS HD to 4 x LC).

I was wondering if it was possible to “force” the SAS speed to 6G, which should extend the distance the laser can reach (or so I think?)

I now that the (QSFP to 4 x LC cables) which are used for the IOM6 shelfs, can reach about 200M, but when you use the 12G SAS cables, your range is halved to 100M…

So if anyone has any experience with this, please let me know…. I was thinking if there were an undocumented command or options which would force the IOM12 module to link up at 6G, it might be worth trying.

If now, I think we will have to wither add ATTO Brigdes or replace IOM12 modules with IOM6 (and replace cables)…