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quota control query in CDOT
I'm writing a perl script to call the NetApp APIs for modifying quotas.

I'd like to allow a vserver admin the ability to change the association of
quota policy for their own vserver, but that doesn't appear to be allowed.
As far as I can tell, only cluster admins can do that.

This is a request to see if I'm misunderstanding things, as I'm fairly
new to CDOT.

Vserver admins can create, delete, modify, copy, and rename quota policies for
their vserver, but not change the active policy. So, if they were to
make a backup copy of their active policy, then make changes to the active
policy, but make a mistake and have the need to revert to their backup copy,
they would *not* be able to without the intervention of a cluster admin.
CDOT (8.3.1) prevents deletion of the active quota policy, and prevents copying
to a policy name that already exists (even as a cluster admin, even if quotas
are turned off).

Excerpted from "Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Logical Storage":

• When you need to create a quota rule or change quota rules for a quota policy, you can choose either of the following approaches:

â—¦ If you are working in a quota policy that is assigned to an SVM, then you need not assign the quota policy to the SVM.

â—¦ If you are working in an unassigned quota policy and then assigning the quota policy to the SVM, then you must have a backup of the quota policy that you can revert to if required. For example, you can make a copy of the assigned quota policy, change the copy, assign the copy to the SVM, and rename the original quota policy.

I guess what is unsaid in the doc is that such an approach is available
only to cluster, and not vserver admins.

Have I got this right? I thought the idea was to allow vserver admins the privileges
to work on their own vserver without requiring cluster admin privileges.

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