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From mailing lists to web forums
Hello everyone,

For 10 years now, the Nessus user base has been supported with the use
of mailing lists as a medium to communicate with the community. To
date, they served their purpose but I've been looking for a more
modern way to for the community to communicate.

So, we've decided to upgrade the mailing lists to a web-based forum,
which is available at:

The benefit of the interface we selected is that email aficionados can
still configure it to get email notifications, but you can also use
RSS to keep track of the new messages, and basically each user can
configure it to its liking.

Note that we're doing a fresh start, so you will need to register on
the portal to create yourself an account. Some forums can be browsed
without having an account, but you need an account to post a message.

Here are the initial new forums we have created (we're always
interested in feedback regarding other forums you think would be

- Nessus: Scanning Forum: this forum's topic covers everything from
installing your scanner to getting it to perform a full scan

- Nessus: Reports Forum: this forum's topic covers the next steps
after a scan: you'd go there to get information about the contents of
a report (ie: how to resolve a given flaw or misconfiguration), how to
handle large reports, etc...

- Nessus : Advanced Forum: this forum is about everything "advanced"
regarding Nessus -- plugin writing, complex rules files, etc...

In addition to this, Tenable ProfessionalFeed and Enterprise product
customers who create an account with the same email address as they
use for the Customer Support portal will get automatic access to
forums dedicated to what they purchased -- ProfessionalFeed, Security
Center, our Log Correlation Engine, our Passive Vulnerability Scanner,

While we'll keep the Nessus mailing lists archives online, we'll plan
to phase out the mailing lists over time. On February 16th, we'll
disable all the Nessus lists (except the low volume nessus-announce@).

Once again, the discussion portal is at :

Thanks and have a great week,

-- Renaud

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