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MythTV upnp server problem ?
When I had a working Panasonic smart TV, the best straight-through
playback quality was usually by DLNA aka upnp. I supposed that this was
because it used the manufacturer's rendering code.

I now have a Sony/Android TV and I don't know whether that has native
support for upnp. Its vlc app does play files from my NAS's (twonky)
DLNA server, but the UI is poor and the quality not noticeably better
that other options. vlc's earlier upnp implementation used to be
thought almost broken.

So I'm not sure if I would really want to use MythTV's upnp server, but
currently it looks to be broken for me in both master and 32-fixes. One
symptom may be this report on backend startup

E LookupUDN()- bad device type '', not enough tokens

Google found a discussion of this from 2015, when it was linked to an
rpm packaging problem (devicemaster.xml and deviceslave.xml were in the
frontend package, should be in backend) but that has been fixed, at
least in the builds (Gary's scripts) that I'm using.

I believe that attempts were made a few months ago to disentangle the
upnp code from other activities. It was always rather fragile and
brand-dependent. Does anyone have it working?

John P
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