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Waiting for database upgrade schema lock error
Hi Folks!

I’m not sure what went wrong. Have two Backends, the current one is OS =
Ubuntu 18.04, running MythTV v 30, named “BE3”. Trying to bring a new
one up called “BE4”, running OS = Ubuntu 20.04 and MythTV v 31.

On BE4 was going to run the new schema but there was a message about BE3
so answered ‘no’. Unplugged the Ethernet cable of BE4, then ran the
schema update. (Seems there’s another problem but worry about that later.)

The problem is any Frontend (right now all to BE3) that was off or not
on the MythTV screen will not connect. At Terminal mythfrontend, runs a
series of commands until gets to the one something about to borderless
fullscreen and the one after, then sits for a minute or so. Eventually
continues, showing 30 or so “Waiting for database upgrade schema lock”

There is one Frontend which had Myth loaded and that is the only one
able to watch currently.

So what do I need to do to get the BE3 Frontends to work again??