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DVD menu problem
MythTV Version : v31.0+fixes.202106102123.0680b37c68~ubuntu20.04.1

My mother has a problem DVD where the menu does not work. I have made
a truncated version of the DVD that reproduces the problem:
(387 Mbytes)

If this is played using VDPAU, when you get to the menu and try to use
the down arrow key to move the cursor down to the Subtitles option,
the DVD playback locks up. Mythfrontend is still working and will
exit if you use the <Esc> key twice, but Alt-Tab away from
mythfrontend and back again does not display anything until DVD
playback is exited. The menu does work if OpenGL High Quality or High
Quality rendering is used. In those cases, there is a message saying
"Still frame" that pops up over the menu for a short time, so I am
guessing that the DVD is using a single still video frame as the
background for the menu - maybe that is the trigger for the problem.

The problem happens on both an Nvidia GT220 card and an Nvidia GT1030
card. On the GT1030 card, it also happens when using NVDEC as well as
VDPAU. So I am wondering if it is common to all the hardware
accelerated modes. So is there is someone out there who is using
VAAPI on Intel or AMD and could try it and report the results? Or
RPi? Android?

The closest issue/bug report I could find was this:

which has been fixed.
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