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Re: Xfinity Stream for MythTV
On 6/28/21 5:47 PM, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
> Peter
> I noticed in one of your postings, you write
> "I am working on a system using the external recorder to record from Xfinity stream, and it is working reasonably well...I am using capturecard External Black Box."
> I run my mythbackend on Linux with an HDHomerun, but also have an Xfinity box for their streams. I would also like Myth to integrate the Xfinity streams.
> Can you elaborate on what your doing?
> Ken

I have a ceton with cablecard for my MythTV recordings. I am developing
an alternative that does not need a cable card, for when the ceton
breaks or Comcast stops supplying cable cards.

I am using an Amazon Fire Stick 4K with the xfinity stream app
installed. That gives the ability to watch all your channels through the
fire stick 4K, as if it was an xfinity box. Using an HDMI capture device
I can record channels from the Fire Stick. It should be possible to do
the same with an XFinity box, just more expensive, you have to pay
rental for the box.

The difficult part is getting the xfinity stream app to tune the correct
channel with adb commands. I have that working quite well now.

I also have a script that can record all of your xfinity cloud dvr
recordings to files that can be watched with MythTV, also using the fire
stick 4k.