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metedata, macfrontend et al
John this is feedback, not a cry for help.

I put three movies into my collection, and I'm being exact, and the reason for avi is samsung:

The Equalizer 2.avi
Kingsman: The Golden Circle.avi
Einstein and Hawking.avi

In each case I did i->change->retrieve
In each case 'correct' meta data was found

For Einsten... <accept> suceeded, the movie was endowed with image and text
For the other two <accept> did. nothing

I fetched the dmg from Source Forge:
and installed.

I then watched the log and tried
Inside Chernobyl.avi
Again meta data was found, here by the Television grabber
Again <accept> did nothing. Nothin interesting was logged (I've not yet tried debug options)

I repeated over some 12 hours
I repeated with a linux frontend fixes/31 26 March uptodate and in each case <accept> updated the movie meta data.

What is clearly different is the honey-on-the-keys is nearly all gone. <esc> is still 'sticky' but other navigation is crisp and fast - just like the linux frontends.


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