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Surround 5.1 on mythtv
I have been trying to get 5.1 sound to work on my Shield TV for a
while now. The problem is that my old A/V receiver does not support 4K60.
So I have the Shield TV HDMI connected to the UHD directly and the TV sends
the audio to AVR via Optical cable which can't do 5.1.

To solve this issue I now have all my HDMI devices connected to a 5x1 HDMI
2.0 switch and the output of the switch is plugged into an HDMI 2.0
Splitter. One output of the splitter goes to the TV and the other goes to
my AVR. So now I have 5.1 and 4K60 on all devices that are capable of UHD.

As far as MythTV is concerned I have 5.1 sound on my Shield TV if I use
Leanfront but not mythfrontend. I'm using AudioTrack but if I have DTS and
Dolby selected and 5.1 I have problems. The problems depend on the program
type. 1080i mpeg programs lose audio for a second or so about every 15
seconds. If the program is 720p mpeg2 I lose audio every 8-10 seconds. It
seems to be affected by a setting in Video -> Playback -> Advanced Playback
Settings -> Audio Read Ahead(ms). I've had it at 400 before, but I can make
the problems seem to go away at 800. Is this too high? Any disadvantages to
having it too high?

Jim A