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Re: LIRC and MythBuntu 10.10 [ In reply to ]
On Apr 16, 2011, at 2:39 PM, Greg Hormann wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Jarod Wilson <> wrote:
>> If you enabled it building the same way you did lirc_zilog, but didn't
>> add CONFIG_LIRC_SERIAL_TRANSMITTER=y, then you probably only built it
>> with RX support.
>> I forgot to mention that if you want to build the lirc staging bits, you
>> need to do a 'make stagingconfig' in the root of the media_build source,
>> which should have taken care of that automatically, I think. However, I
>> don't know why we don't just always build in TX support, I should remove
>> that config option...
> Actually I did both (with =m) to the .config file That should work
> right? I *did not* run stagingconfig
> ghormann@tvServer:~/mythtv_source/hd-pvr-driver/v4l-dvb-backport/media_build/v4l$
> grep SERIAL .config
> I'm running a test right now with options lirc_zilog tx_only=1 as
> David suggested. No problems after 4 shows being required (even
> switching between resolutions). That is the most stable hd-pvr has
> ever been as a transmission device. I also just started playing with
> an MCE Remote. Hopefully I can get that stable too. (Right now, it
> seems to be configured as a keyboard by some other module, instead of
> via LIRC. Time for more google searches!)

CONFIG_LIRC_SERIAL_TRANSMITTER isn't a tristate, its boolean, so a
value of m is undefined. However, it looks like its default state
is y when CONFIG_LIRC_SERIAL is enabled. Hrm. Not sure what's going
on there.

Jarod Wilson

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