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Selecting audio channels?
A few channels in my TV setup (North American/NTSC/cable) are
set to the wrong audio channels, which just plays a track asking
me to adjust the channel or change to stereo. I'm wondering how
I select/change this for certain channels, or if there is a

BTW, thanks Roberto. The tuning problem with FOX is transient so
I haven't had a problem with it yet (expect not to now), but
this looks like a good solution and I appreciate it. FWIW, I use
webmin to do most configuration in Mandake (that doesn't have a
good configuration tool integrated with Mandrake Control).
Webmin works good for editing MySQL tables (and network
interfaces and Shoreline firewall).

Zach Goss

> I have the same problem and I just went into the DB
Mythconverge (I =
> think) and then open the channel table. There is a field there
called =
> fine-tune to which you can increase or decrease some number
(1,3,4,-2, =
> etc...).
> I installed the odbc drivers in a windows machine and used
Access to get =
> connected to the DB using the mythtv user (password is
mythtv). It =
> worked fine, that way I can mess with the channels, settings,
etc... I =
> don't have a lot of knowledge in Mysql that's why I resorted
using =
> access.
> I hope this helps!
> Roberto

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