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encoding crashes
I have been trying to use Rob Snow's encoding scripts
from the contrib directory of the CVS. I wanted
to transcode some shows that I have recorded using
mythtv. The transcoding works great about half the

I am using MythTV 0.8, unstable debian packages on
a Debian sid system. It has a 1.1 GHz Duron, 128 MB
RAM, and I am using a TV Wonder VE to capture. I am
using the default MPEG4 capture settings in MythTV.

I have compiled MPlayer 0.9 with the mythtv patch, and
after trying unsuccessfully to transcode some of the
shows I tried just viewing the "bad" nuv files in
MPlayer. It crashes, I assume at the same place
that mencoder crashes when it is trying to encode
the files.

My question is where to go from here? I read the
mplayer README about reporting bugs and they made
it pretty clear not to report a bug if you know your
file is "broken." Would mythtv nuv files fall into
that category? Besides, would they just assume it
was a bug introduced by the patch?

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