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Any hope of HDTV??
No, this isn't a gripe. Its just I've been doing a lot of
Googling over the weekend looking for any promising projects
to download / develop / reverse engineer some Linux drivers
for a HDTV tuner card. What did I find?


Seems there are 3 popular HDTV cards out there,
HiPix DTV-200, Access DTV, and Happauge WinTV-HD.
Of course none of them have released any
Linux software, drivers, or even specs to allow others to
write drivers. I've found no projects so far even attempting
to reverse engineer one of these cards, the closest is
the Hauppauge WinPVR card, but not the digital ones.
There are a few working on Linux drivers for digital
satelite cards (, but I can't find anything for HDTV.
I also found a couple expensive solutions that look like a
TV station would buy (self contained CPU, raid, etc)
but nothing for the consumer.

Does anyone know of any projects in progress; hopefully
one I could follow or perhaps even assist with? Anyone
know of any card makers with plans on supporting an HDTV
Linux card?

I know its pushing the envelope just a bit, but over the
last 2 weeks I upgraded my 18 year old 19" TV to a
43" HDTV and HD tuner. Unbelievable... Its just so real.
So now I'm spoiled, I want to see all the pieces fall together
so Mythtv can timeshift digital HDTV.

Anyone have information to provide some hope?