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missing settings.txt

i just installed everything from cvs on my mandrake 8.2 system, and after
running 'make install' for mythtv i noticed that it didn't drop a
'settings.txt' into /usr/local/share/mythtv. Running setup/setup doesn't
seem to generate one either (although i dont think i can complete all of
it because i dont have a tv tuner) - but from what i can tell that
shouldn't matter. The documentation refers to editing settings.txt after
'make install' and before running ./setup.

All i want to do for the moment is run mythgame, which requires a
settings.txt file to exist so it can determine a theme, etc. So how does
one generate one of these files?

Re: missing settings.txt [ In reply to ]
Most of the documentation is for 0.7. Using cvs is a whole different
ball of wax. The settings no longer reside in the settings.txt file,
but in the database. The best help you will get is reading this:
People seem less willing to help newbies setup potentially unstable and
in flux cvs versions rather than the recommended point releases, so do
everything you can to read the documentation and search the archives
thoroughly before you ask for help on the lists please.

good luck, it is great when you get it working!