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Getting sound Avertv tuner card modules w/ Maxi Sound Muse (POS)
What I did
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The Short Story (what I did)

Special files in /dev

There is a MAKEDEV script in the driver directory of the bttv driver package
which will create four video devices for you. You can also do it yourself
fairly easily if you only have one video capture card. As root, type:
mknod /dev/video0 c 81 0
chmod 666 /dev/video0
ln -s /dev/video0 /dev/video
insmod videodev
insmod i2c (I don't actually do this)
modprobe bttv
modprobe tuner type=6

The disclaimer:
Well I got sound but it's way off (see FAQ). And muting the line as
directed in the FAQ just turns the sound off. It doesn't help that my sound
mixer is labeled line1 and line2 and they talk about muting line-in. I just
played around with combinations, but like I said, I don't get good results.
Also, I'm using a Maxi Sound Muse card, which is given me pretty crappy
results. The sound won't turn off (when I close mythtv) unless I reboot. I
even telinit'd to single-user (the sound from the TV went off), and then
went back to run-level 4 or 5 and the sound came back. I also tried
recording something, and then playing back the .nuv file with xine (I have
no idea if this was supposed to work), and xine froze when opening the sound
device. I went to my virtual terminal just to see a Kernel Panic message. In
short, I would say that I don't really have a working configuration. About
the only thing I've had any succes with is getting mythfilldatabase to work,
and that required some hacking (see problems solved post).

Stuart Smith

PS. DON'T BUY MAXI SOUND MUSE! I've got soo much crap from this POS card. On
windoze and Linux.

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