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Support added for HEVC/H.265 and 4K
In osd.xml, <window name="program_info"><statetype name="videodescrip"> two
new states have been added: UHD_4K_I, UHD_4K_P

In recordings-ui.xml, <window name="watchrecordings"><buttonlist
name="recordings"><statetype name="videoprops">, the following states have
been added: hd1080i, hd1080p, uhd4ki, uhd4kp. The hd1080 state is still
supported but it is unable to convey if the video is interlaced.
Progressive status is now stored in the recordedprogram database table. Old
recordings are not updated since that would require running something like
ffmpeg on them to determine the type.

In recordings-ui.xml, <window name="watchrecordings"><buttonlist
name="recordings"> new statetype "codecprops" has been added with possible
states of: mpeg2, avc and hevc. This allows for the codec to be display
separately from the video resolution.

In recordings-ui.xml, <window name="iconhelp"><buttonlist
name="icons">, the following states have been added: hd1080i, hd1080p,
uhd4ki, uhd4kp, hevc

This does require a minor DB schema update, so it is unlikely to be
backported to fixes/31. You may want to update the "master" version of your
theme, though, so you are prepared when version 32 becomes official.