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Python 3 version of xmltv-proc-nz
I have put my new Python 3 version of xmltv-proc-nz (version 0.6.0) on
my web server:

Its associated json files are here:

These contain a complete copy of my /var/www/html/json directory, with
the +json files for the Search and Replace Title, Plus 1 and Sky
Movies processing. The xmltvid values are what I am using on my
system - you may need to change them to match your system, so check
all the +json files in the subdirectories. To install the json files
on an Ubuntu Apache2 web server that has been set up for MythWeb, just
do this:

sudo su
cd /var/www/html
tar xvf xmltv-proc-nz-json.tgz
rm xmltv-proc-nz-json.tgz

Here is the changelog:

0.6.0 JSW
- Convert to Python 3.
- Fix post processing.
- Delete BBCWorld processing.
- Generalise JSON base URL processing to use a JSON base URL
- Reverse the default for BaseProcessor.valid. Set valid=True
when valid data is obtained from one URL, even if other URLs fail.
- Remove JSW flag - now works by whether it finds the matching
json data.
- Make PlusOnes use json configuration.

These changes should make xmltv-proc-nz work on most systems without
having to customise any of the settings at the beginning of the file
or the xmltvid lists in the code. All the things that should need to
be changed are now in the +json files. The json data is now
downloaded first from (but nothing downloads correctly from
there at present), and then from localhost. More web servers can be
added if you want - there is just a list of URLs to configure. The
JSON data from each web server is merged to make up the configuration
data that is used by xmltv-proc-nz. It works on FreeviewHD EPG data
(MHEG5 or EIT) and also Sky OpenTV EPG data - for Sky, it does fixups
of the data for all the Sky Movies channels so that the descriptions
are all in the descriptions fields instead of split between the
subtitles and descriptions fields.

The old Python 2 version files have been moved to:

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