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mythtv annotated tag v0.28.2 created by stuarta. v0.28.2
The annotated tag, v0.28.2 has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuarta.
at 0f041541888959359055aac90d3b00438cf57467 (tag)
tagging 8238e839c90de35f7c64380d2c4e360192862a34 (commit)
replaces v0.28.1
tagged by Stuart Auchterlonie
on Thu Feb 1 12:00:15 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.28.2

Bill Meek (2):
Services API: Dvr/GetTitleInfoList was returning Deleted recordings.
Restore SendAction operation, Fixes #12738

David Engel (2):
Avoid busy looping in some cases in the scheduler when the time to
Fix invocation of Previously Recorded from Recording Rules.

David Hampton (13):
Use the define property flags when creating a RecordingInfo object.
Create all directories leading to the ttvdb/tmdb3 cache files.
Make the Canadian weather scripts work again.
The Perl bindings should ignore a blank LocalHostName tag in the config.
Resynchronises mark types in the python bindings.
Use mysql_options() to specify reconnection.
Check for an empty banner list before running it.
Clean up the checks for finding the qmake executable.
Clean up Qt version checking in 'configure'.
Update qmake project files for a minimum 5.2 version.
Remove extra closing brace in file.
Fix compilation error in Fedora Rawhide.
Fix cppcheck warning about unclear operator precedence.

Gary Buhrmaster (6):
Improve fromXMLTVDate processing for mythfilldatabase
Validate the programme starttime/channel early
Use XMLTV dd_progid data to create seriesid
Fix parsing of season from xmltv
Fixes #13050 - Properly enable symbol visibility for GCC7
Support tuning via freqid translation for ExternalRecorder

Ian Campbell (2):
Fixes #12950 - Update Mythmusic schema in python bindings
ttvdb: Various fixes

Jean-Yves Avenard (1):
Ignore vscode config directory

John Poet (6):
Allow multiple element names with different dependancies.
Apparently this results in poor performance on slow frontends.
mythfilldatabase - xmltvparser.cpp: Fix whitespace.
mythfilldatabase: Also try matching ATSC major.minor when update xmltvid.
Another attempt at preventing mythfilldatabase from inserting duplicate
ProgramInfo::ToMap: Add a copy of 'description' called 'description0'.

Jonatan Lindblad (3):
TV: Fix ESCAPE being ignored
MainServer: Reinstate the event about disconnected sockets
MythSystem: Make sure to clean up objects properly

Karl Dietz (3):
Fix for misleading indentation in greek EIT fixups.
Fix searching for movies based on star ratings
Set MySQL session mode in Perl bindings

Mark Spieth (5):
ttvdb: Update to support new JSON API.
Refs #13084 ttvdb fix runtime and genre
ttvdb: Check if episodes are received before parsing them. Fixes #13152
Convert monkey patch _cache_expire_after to timedelta if its not already Handle missing banners gracefully

Paul Harrison (5):
IPTV Tuner: fix recording/playing simultaneous RTSP streams
MythArchive: update the initial seek amount text on the thumb image finder
MythArchive: guard against an empty deleteMap in the thumb image finder
MythMusic: stop the player on first error when playing radio streams
Fix miniplayer display issue when playing radio streams with no broadcaster

Peter Bennett (12):
Fix UPNP detection of backends to ignore link-local IPV6 addresses
Fix UPNP for selecting backend when there is a PIN set
Fix Bus Error in mythpreviewgen on Raspberry Pi
Fix for LCD device code hanging
Fix Raspberry Pi hardware deinterlace
Fixes #13059 - Flickering pause on Raspberry Pi.
Fix bugs that occur when using a different video mode for playback.
Fix raspberry pi compile eror when using old header files
Raspberry Pi: Support for Raspbian Stretch (fixes/0.28)
Fix OpenGL bug introduced recently
Fix PPA Build error for ARM platforms.
Fix memory corruption on Raspberry Pi Playback

Richard Hulme (2):
Update libudfread to match commit 64ac239e7aa741ad3e2e2d48eafd6e26fb202ee7 from
Update libudfread to match commit 131629921cc756c38eaf3e2d6b69ba2db690b199 from

Roger Siddons (3):
Python: Fix bookmarkupdate error
Prevent cutlist editor crash when extending marks
Services: Fix exception messages

Stuart Auchterlonie (12):
[Qt5.8] Explicitly use a QChar in the comparison. Fixes a build failure
[EIT] Additional Freesat mplexes to fix
Remove a custom FFmpeg patch for bswap_dbl
Refs #13047 - major() and minor() are defined in <sys/sysmacros.h>
Refs #13047 - Windows also has major() and minor() in <sys/types.h>
Refs #13047 - fix check for OSX platforms
Refs #13031 - Reorganise the OpenGL includes a bit to fix build issues on arch on rpi
Refs #13031 - No GL/gl.h on osx
Ignore moc_predefs.h files
Ignore .qmake.stash files
Fix FTBFS due to ambiguous calls to endsWith and startsWith
Setting VERSION to v0.28.2

hamelg (1):
Fixes #12029 Forced Subtitles (MKV) can stay onscreen indefinitely



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