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mythtv annotated tag v29.1 created by stuarta. v29.1
The annotated tag, v29.1 has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuarta.
at 7e22f324075997fafb4309b1d114fff5b39df758 (tag)
tagging 9b7b96283458073007a8f3801d5284fb59af3979 (commit)
replaces v29.0
tagged by Stuart Auchterlonie
on Thu Feb 1 11:15:46 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 29.1

Angela Schmidt (1):
Fix the missing teletext subtitle problem

Bill Meek (3):
Restore SendAction operation, Fixes #12738
Services API: Fixes #13106 (memory leak)
Python bindings: update version

Dave Chiluk (1):
Video Playback: Workaround for VDPAU h265 interlaced playback

David Engel (9):
Avoid busy looping in some cases in the scheduler when the time to
Fix invocation of Previously Recorded from Recording Rules.
Enhance RecStatus::toString() to allow a replacement string.
Remove QueryInputDisplayName/kUnknownInputName nonsense.
Change the ProgramInfo::ToMap() "input" item to include a shortened
Add GetShortInputName and ClearInputName methods to ProgramInfo.
Use short input name instead of sgroupid in some Scheduler output.
Only offer one switchable input per multirec devcie in live TV.
Change NEXTINPUT/CARD to really change to a differnt device.

David Hampton (14):
Use correct ping timeout parameter for the operating system.
Use the define property flags when creating a RecordingInfo object.
Create all directories leading to the ttvdb/tmdb3 cache files.
Make the Canadian weather scripts work again.
The Perl bindings should ignore a blank LocalHostName tag in the config.
Resynchronises mark types in the python bindings.
Use mysql_options() to specify reconnection.
Check for an empty banner list before running it.
Honor the MonitorDrives setting.
Fix compilation error in Fedora Rawhide.
Clean up the checks for finding the qmake executable.
Clean up Qt version checking in 'configure'.
Update qmake project files for a minimum 5.2 version.
Fix cppcheck warning about unclear operator precedence.

Ian Campbell (2):
Fixes #12950 - Update Mythmusic schema in python bindings
ttvdb: Various fixes

John Poet (4):
ExternalStreamHandler::run: Don't hold _listener_lock except when necessary.
ExternalStreamhandler: Make sure we only process one 'status' line.
ExternalStreamHandler: Cleanup and simplify logging.
ExternalStreamHandler: When reading, give EAGAIN a few tries before giving up.

Jonatan Lindblad (5):
Settings: Make sure to call Load() after adding a capture card
Settings: Fix editing of DVB-S transports
Housekeeping: Honor the theme update notifications setting
MainServer: Reinstate the event about disconnected sockets
MythSystem: Make sure to clean up objects properly

Mark Spieth (5):
ttvdb: Update to support new JSON API.
Refs #13084 ttvdb fix runtime and genre
ttvdb: Check if episodes are received before parsing them. Fixes #13152
Convert monkey patch _cache_expire_after to timedelta if its not already Handle missing banners gracefully

Morris Cavestro (1):
Updated Italian translations

Nick Morrott (1):
Update British English translation for MythFrontend

Paul Harrison (4):
Fix miniplayer display issue when playing radio streams with no broadcaster
Merge branch 'fixes/29' of into fixes/29
MythCenter-wide: In the OSD only show the callsign if the channel icon is missing
MythMusic: stop the player on first error when playing radio streams

Peter Bennett (30):
Fixes #13086 - add missing include for QTcpSocket, causing compile failure in certain cases.
Fixes #13082 - Python bindings need to use new setting for backend server address.
Fixes #13091 - Seg fault in video playback when using an alternate video output method
Fixes #13077 IPV6 support for backup and restore scripts.
Video Playback: Fix compile error on debian jessie
Networking: Improve check for IPV4 and IPV6 support
Refs #10633 - Remove some incorrect logic around IPV6 checking.
Refs #10633 - Set default proxy for listening ports to NoProxy.
Fix raspberry pi compile eror when using old header files
Fix disappearing startup screen.
Fix problem with frontend setup not repainting main window
Backend: Add log messages on reasons for failure to shut down
Raspberry Pi: Support for Raspbian Stretch
Fix OpenGL bug introduced recently
Fixes #13117 - Unable to enter external channel change command
Fix PPA Build error for ARM platforms.
Fixes #13096 - Previously Recorded screen only showing ancient history
Fixes #13090 - Prevent mythtv-setup from searching for a backend via upnp
Fixes #13131 - Channel editor overwriting freqid with channel number.
Fixes #13137 - Frontend looping on exit.
Fixes #13155 - Schema upgrade fails intermittently
Fix memory corruption on Raspberry Pi Playback
Setup: New Setup - fix multiple issues with HD HomeRun tuners
Startup: Fix failure of Retry option
Video Display Profile: Fix bug with multiple codec selection
Setup: New Setup - fix multiple issues with VBox tuners
Fixes #13173 - Raspberry Pi hangs during playback
Fix for frontend overrides not taking effect
Fixes #13196 : Add "New Entry" to symbol rate selection in DVB scans
Fix crash when invoking Interactive TV (MHEG) pages

Richard Hulme (1):
Update libudfread to match commit 131629921cc756c38eaf3e2d6b69ba2db690b199 from

Roger Siddons (3):
Fix crash when scanning channels
Allow 'Start playback from ProgStart' to be disabled.
Don't trash channel icons when downloading

Steve Erlenborn (1):
Fixes #12277 Metadata collection for Manual Record rules

Stuart Auchterlonie (3):
[dvb-s] Fixes #13129. Add 22500000 symbol rate
Fix FTBFS due to ambiguous calls to endsWith and startsWith
Setting VERSION to v29.1

Tom Hughes (1):
Fixes #13123 Exception using python bindings

hamelg (1):
Fixes #12029 Forced Subtitles (MKV) can stay onscreen indefinitely



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