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Trac wiki
I have copied the pages from the trac wiki into mediawiki:
Some of those are probably worth updating and keeping, others can
probably just be deleted.

Trac pages not copied:
MythContext <>
MythFrontend <>
MythGallery <>
MythMedia <>
MythMediaMonitor <>
MythMusic <>
MythSystemTesting <>
MythWeb <>
<> see
<> (more recent)
<> This has been
done, right?
<> see
<> (I don’t know which is more
<> see
<> (see previous)
<> this should also mention
that trac is effectively read only
links from WikiStart:
<> not sure where I should put
this (also requires a login) <> not
sure how to copy these widgets or where I should put this (Additionally,
they are confused by the Qt .ts translation files, which are actually
xml files [not TypeScript] and probably should be ignored.)
<> hasn’t
been updated recently

The trac wiki (except for GoToDev, WhosWho, and WikiStart) can be
deleted, since development is on GitHub now instead of trac.  They
should probably be merged first, since then the entire trac wiki could
be deleted.