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Weird mythtv-setup bug on new backend upgrade
[I'm assuming that issues with schema upgrades are -dev material?]

In a two-step upgrade from an ancient version through v0.23 to v31,
the v31 (only) mythtv-setup had a strange startup bug. I'd put the
upgraded-to-schema-1253-by-0.23 database into the v31 database using and started mythtv-setup. It immediately asked
me to confirm my language. (0.23's mythtv-setup did not do this.)
I did so and it just quit again immediately.

Since asking about language is typically a symptom of not being able
to contact the database (though quitting immediately thereafter is not),
I poked around. But in fact it -could- contact the database, and the
second time I started it, setup correctly identified that I needed to
upgrade my schema.

Instead of doing that, I used to restore the
old DB and saw the same behavior: first run asked about language and
immediately quit once I confirmed it. Second run offered to upgrade.

If this is not a known bug, I still have before & after databases and
could at least furnish a diff. (I ran one just now on the dumps I made,
but because they weren't run using --skip-extended-insert, the diff is
58K and would take a little more work to really tease out the useful
changes. The only two changed lines are INSERTS into keybindings and

P.S. I sent a message yesterday to the -users list detailing an
error involving the regroups table while upgrading through schema
1302, in which the upgrade continued but I don't know if what it
was trying to do got accomplished. Should I have sent that here?
Sent on "Wed, 28 Jul 2021 00:01:58 -0400" with the Subject: line
"Upgrade error---should I worry?"
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