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V2 Service API Problem with more than 9 parameters - Qt restriction
Regarding the conversion of service APIs to the new web server framework.

I am getting this from the converted Video Service:

2021-07-06 09:28:41.737791 W  MetaMethod: Method 'UpdateVideoMetadata'
takes more than 9 parameters; will probably fail

On looking at the code I find that it is issuing this message from

Apparently it uses QMetaMethod, which allows only up to 9 parameters.
Many of our service methods use more than that, for example the method
mentioned in the warning takes 38 parameters.

I did test UpdateVideoMetadata with only three of the optional
parameters and it worked, but I assume if I use more than 9 or past the
ninth, it will not work. I have not tested to see what actually happens.

Before I start testing and digging into the code to see what can be
changed to accommodate this, does anybody have any knowledge of what the
plan was here? When the new framework was designed was this just ignored
or is there a planned method of dealing with it?


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