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Hi everyone,

If anyone wants to play with a version of MythTV that uses Qt6 instead
of Qt5, I just created a devel/qt6 branch in git. This work is based on
Fedora 34 which has pre-built Qt6 libraries. There are two caveats:

1) The services API doesn't work. There may be bits and pieces
that do work, but those will be the exception. This is due to
the removal of QtScript from Qt6. The solution to this problem
is being worked in the devel/http branch.

2) The web browser doesn't work due to the removal of QWebScript
from Qt6. This will affect the web browser plugin (obviously),
but also affects things like choosing covers in mythmusic. I
have not attempted to catalog the problems of this type, but
if anyone reports them I will start a list.

Please email the list if you have any problems while testing this
branch, or create an issue on GitHub an label it with "ports:qt6". I
will follow up to see if the problem is related to one of the above
issues, is a new issue, or is a bug in porting.



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