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Python3 and mythnetvision
On a tangentially related note regarding
python3, few of the mythnetvision python
modules are python3 compatible (and
mythnetvision in the plugins does not
build due to its own python3 issues).

This results in certain build failures if one
attempts to byte compile those imported
modules (which is the recommended
packaging approach for such scripts that
are not installed in the usual python libs).

Is anyone working on the conversion of
those modules to python3, or should they
(and mythnetvision itself) be removed from
the master branch until/unless someone
decides to provide new variants? (I will
assert that master, should require
python3; it is time).

On a side side note, is there a reason
that these scripts are installed as part
of a make install from the base package
and not part of the make install from the
plugins packaging?

Thanks in advance for your response.
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