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An idea for one of the firewire problems
Gentlemen, I posted this to the dev list, but haven't gotten a response, I
feel it might have been "lost" in the thread to the uninterested.

I'm hoping its a trivial thing to do, I'm just not equiped to do such a change
and am hoping one of you might be able to whip something together in a few
minutes for me to test.

One of the issues I'm tracking as part of my firewire "project" is why the
DCT62xx series misses recordings sometimes. Now that I finally got my DCT62xx
capturing via firewire (added a second cablebox), I think I may have found a
way around the problem. Most people said they had to unplug the cable from
the box and plug it back in to "reset" it, which is something I found as
well. Jeremy suggested I use gscanbus to reset the bus instead, wonderfuly,
his suggestion was spot on allowing me to not have to crawl behind my home
theatre equipment anymore. I've "tested" this method of fixing quite a few
times as I find the connection gets lost at least once a day, and usually
everytime no signal is collected from the box for ~2hrs.

I was wondering if one of you could whip together a patch that
will force a reset on the Host(Port)/Node that the firewire connection is on
before every recording and every entry into LiveTV?

This may also help channel changes, so perhaps placing the bus reset before
Myth changes the channel would be a good place for this step to go.

Thanks for your time,
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