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[pre-alpha PATCH] mythmusic: shoutcast stream support
Good Morning folks,

finally i have something to show. The attached patch adds shoutcast
streaming support to mythmusic. It works for me but i only did some
light testing. I'd like to get feedback whether you like it, i should
stick to translations, what should be done different... any response
is welcome. If it seems that this could be accepted, i'd still have
to write the other 70% of the code.

Things that come to mind are

- fix bugs
- auto-detection of streams
- an URL editing screen
- complete shoutcast support
(tags, authentication, redirection, pls/m3u play-lists)
- make mythmusic aware of URLs in the filename column
- recording streams
- add support for other protocols

If you want to test it, apply the patch and add an entry in the
musicmetadata table like this:

filename: shoutcast://
other columns: whatever you like

Bye Stefan

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