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[MythTV/mythtv] 1ca7a4: Python Bindings: Services API, logging & XML enhan...
Branch: refs/heads/fixes/31
Commit: 1ca7a4b09ef38cd6e108a26bdc358f280d6ae3d3
Author: Roland Ernst <>
Date: 2020-05-21 (Thu, 21 May 2020)

Changed paths:
M mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/services_api/

Log Message:
Python Bindings: Services API, logging & XML enhancements

- Improve logging dump of 'postdata'
- Add an option to return raw XML data, {'rawxml': True}

Some lxml.etree functions, e.g. fromstring()/tostring() cause pylint 'I'
messages. users may want to add the following to their .pylintrc (or just
add # pylint: disable=c-extension-no-member inline):


Closes #13619

Signed-off-by: Bill Meek <>
(cherry picked from commit 1a1b69836515a5ec77b09c4559a3bb729af9cd7b)

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