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[MythTV/mythtv] ce23a0: Fix mysql cursor class to handle bytearrays
Branch: refs/heads/fixes/31
Commit: ce23a0225fcec2afbdfe5a7e82170e28f406c830
Author: Roland Ernst <>
Date: 2020-05-10 (Sun, 10 May 2020)

Changed paths:
M mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/

Log Message:
Fix mysql cursor class to handle bytearrays

Newer Python MySQLdb modules call 'cursor.execute()' multiple times
from 'cursor.executemany()'.
With python3 and python3-MySQLdb > 1.4.0 these call-backs containing
a query are bytearrays, resulting in a traceback in the '_sanitize' method.

Note: This '_sanitize' method is only needed when creating a query within
the Python Bindings, but not necessary when python-mysqldb itself calls the
cursor.execute() method.

Fixes #13614

(cherry picked from commit b2e9c6a44233570704554894bf45e01bfa8e26a7)

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