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[lvs-users] effective limit on number of hosts in IPVS multicast pool
Hi, I am working on an IPVS setup where all the nodes will be active and
running BGP to handle routing the VIPs to the hosts. Looking at my building
blocks I have to work with, I can run about 5 or 10 G through each host and
I need to handle lets say 100G through this system. Though I understand
some people have been able to run 4x10G interfaces in their systems
successfully, it may not be an option for me.

That leads me to some high server counts and I wonder if I would expect to
see problems with LVS syncing its state to the other nodes with this many
nodes in the pool. It would end up being a minimum of 20 or 10 depending on
scenario but likely 40 and 20 servers for redundancy.

Thoughts and experiences appreciated.


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