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Re: [lvs-users] Bug#775930: Aw: Re: [PATCH] ipvsadm: add SCTP support
On Wed, 11 Feb 2015, wrote:

> Thanks Ferry ,
> to explain why Debian are 5 years behind the Mainsteam at IPVS - and clones as well.
> and yes see the Anouncment of the ipvsadm 1.27 at the "lvs-user" list,
> The ipvsadm Tarball Distribution had been changed at 2013 , an GIT repro exist since then from
> to
> Julian , Me and others HAD written Notices to distrib mainta8iners - but that seems been ignored.
to be honest, it just got lost in my workload.

I'll work on updating to 1.28 as soon as I moved to my new location. And
hint: help is always wanted!


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